Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer

I am a big fan of the whip style vaporizer and consider myself a bit of an expert in the field. One of the popular vaporizers that got me interested in the whole movement was the Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer and quite a few desktop units have surfaced since then so I decided to revisit the old V-Tower and see how it compares to some of my new faves.

Arizer V-Tower Accessories (included):

  • 1 x 3 ft. Food Grade Vinyl Tubing
  • 1 x Glass Cyclone Bowl
  • 1 x Mini Whip w/ Glass Elbow Adapter
  • 1 x Mouthpiece
  • 1 x Glass Stirring Tool
  • 1 x Additional Replacement Screens
  • 1 x Potpourri/Oil Dish

Inside the Arizer V-Tower kit you’ll find:

  • The V Tower unit.
  • An Instruction Booklet.
  • A Three Foot Whip.
  • A Pot-pourri Dish.
  • A Few Other Accessories Including Stirring Tools Etc.

When it comes to build quality, you will be hard pressed to find anything that is more sturdy than Arizer’s products.  They take great care to ensure that they only produce long lasting, high quality vaporizers.  This vape is made with reinforced medical grade materials that will supply nothing less than satisfying, flavorful vapor draws.  If you are tired of messing around with smaller vapes that simply don’t pack enough punch then this vape is right up your alley.  This medical grade vaporizer is capable of producing MASSIVE clouds of the purest vapor on the planet, so you’d better strap in and suit up!  When it comes to quality, nobody does it like Arizer and the plethora of positive customer reviews and testimonials speak for themselves.

Arizer V-Tower Specifications

  • Warranty – Lifetime (Heating Element), 3 Years (Electronics)
  • Dimensions – 8.75 x 7.75 x 10 in.
  • Weight – 3 lbs
  • Type – Whip Style
  • Compatibility – Herbs
  • Delivery Method – Hands Free
  • Voltage – Dual (110v + 220v)
  • Screen Size – Arizer Dome Screen

First thing I noticed about the Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer is that it looks really cool and doesn’t make a lot of noise; however it takes a little while to heat up my herbs. It’s definitely got a slower heat up time than Arizer’s other desktop, the Extreme Q, and it doesn’t provide the kind of thick robust hits of vapor that you get from a forced air unit like the Classic Volcano Vaporizer or the new VapirRise. One thing that is cool about the V-Tower is the digital display and temperature control are very easy to use.

Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer

It’s also got the option of using the glass cyclone bowl for your blends or by attaching the included “elbow screen” and mini whip. I found that packing the elbow screen was actually a more effective method of ingestion, i.e. I got stoned-ier when using the elbow screen. However, I noticed that my herb got vaped up pretty quickly with the Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer making it one of the least efficient desktop vaporizer I’ve ever tried.

Also it doesn’t come with a balloon bag option and there’s no handy remote control like the Arizer Extreme Q has; so I actually have to get up from the couch in order to start the unit’s fan and heating element. Also I found that the fan in the Extreme Q produces much more consistent and tasty vapor. All in all, the Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer is a solid vaporizer but not one that I would recommend if you can spend the coin on some higher quality devices that have recently hit the market.

Arizer V-Tower Design

The Arizer V-tower is a massive, verticle digital LCD display, precise heat setting desktop vaporizer. The Arizer V-Tower is made out of Stainless Steel Housing quality which uses classy stainless steel, insulated dual wall with safe non toxic heat & food safe insulation. The unit is always cool to the touch and will never burn your hands. This is the iconic work of art the Arizer V-tower is made out of, incredibly high-quality materials that make the construction of this large-desktop vaporizer a very durable build. Its pure heating glass coating layered ceramic bowl is housed in a two-layer aluminum burrow. This unique type of housing makes cooling off the exterior effective while the heating chamber is working internally. The Cyclone glass bowl is made out of extra-thick pyrex glass and is insulated using rubberized grip so you can handle the entire bowl before it cools down. The bowl is vertically stand-alone to where the heat pushes up against the botanical extracting it into vapor. This type of design setup is very effective convection heating and gives out a quality, combustion free aromatherapy experience.

Arizer has made it easy for clumsey people to not find their glass cyclone bowl shattered into pieces when it drops, since they have created a modified version of the cyclone bowl called the “Tuff Bowl”. A heat resustabt silicone tubing provides it with extra drop protection to the bowl. Since the Arizer V-tower stands up vertically, Arizer made it extra durable with an aluminum chassis to make it a robust and lightweight unit that has a durability feel and makes it an attractive piece of technology.

Arizer V-Tower Vapor Quality

Now when you understand the basics of a good vaporizer, you’ll know that the precise technology in the Arizer V-tower is perfectly capable of providing you with the cleanest, most potent and flavorful vapor you would want to possibly experience. The LED display allows you to give you precise temperature and more control of the vaping experience. You can release the essential oils using the Arizer V-tower oil diffuser at the low heat setting for very flavorful botanical tastefulness, or you can use dry herb material at higher settings to vaporize your plant material. The V-Tower is capable of reaching the specific set temperature settings within two minutes.

Arizer V-Tower Power

The Arizer V-tower is a very powerful desktop vaporizer and has amazing range as it can reach temperatures of up to 500 Degrees Fahrenheit. although, that amount of heat is specfically made to prime out or broil any type of materials to leave into ash, it makes cleaning a breeze. The perfect temperature most consumers use for high-grade flower is around 382°F which is ideal to vape to the top and fill the Cyclone bowl up to the brinks. The V-tower is loaded with a powerful convection air-flow heating system which is precisely controlled by the end user using its LCD screen. As it also can include oils using the oil diffuser, users should note that lower heat settings of around 335°F is the best heating range to utilize if you want the perfect taste and most potency out of the vaporizer session you’re using. The vaporizer is capable of taking care of up to 5 people in one vape setting filling the bowl up. This stationary unit is simply a pass-around-the-whip type of vaporizer and not pass-the-bong or pipe. With the triple heat sensors, you’ll be sure that you won’t see anytype of combustion since the V-tower is loaded with powerful technology to make it into somewhat of a smart-vaporizer.

Arizer V-Tower Quality Features

The glass part is the most important feature of the V-tower as the heating element uses a glass insert to where the botanicals lay on. You’ll be sure to experience a toxin free with smooth and tasty vapor. Other desktop vaporizers use metals, plastics, Teflon, aluminum and sometimes even wood in the construction of the mainframe of the vaporizer. These types of unwanted and harmful materials can cause long-term and chronic complications.

Arizer V-Tower UPRIGHT Cyclone bowl

It is one of the best bowls and most unique to the industry. It is a perferct size which can hold copious amounts of materials. The best part is, it is made out of pure glass which stands vertically allowing the air to be disburst and evenly with efficient power releasing the best and most tasteful part of your aromatherapy experience which is the active ingredient you’re vaping with.

Precision Temperature Control

Being exact is extremely important and the Arizer V-Tower is one of the most precise vaporizers on the market. The gorgeous LCD display will show the exact temperature and it also will display the targeted pre-set temperature. Being in control of your vaporizer is very important since there’s much different moisture density’s in the flowers you use and lots of others would like options to even vape at lower heating settings to vaporize oils.

Ceramic Heater

Show no concern of toxic materials being burnt or metalic type taste using the Arizer V-tower. This amazing desktop vaporizer utilizes an all glass ceramic heater which comes with a life-time warranty. The added bonus with glass is the fact it is very easy to clean off since you’d just soak it in alcohol.

Long Whip + Swivel Action

The Arizer V-Tower will come with a long-silicone rubber tube that attaches to the heating rod of the Arizer V-tower and is the mainline to inhaling and experience the amazing taste of your vapor. The Swivel action glass allows you to rotate the whip making it more convenient. The length makes it plausable to share at events and gathering where length is crucial. Long whips also cool your vapor off better, you’ll be able to breath in deeper since your throat won’t burn.

Arizer V-Tower Auto-ShutOff System

Just in case you pass out, forget to shut the units power off or something where to happen, the Arizer V-Tower won’t put you in danger. It has an Auto-Shut-Off timer with 2 or 4 hour setting selections to make it safe for you to use this unit and keep it plugged in all the time without worrying about it accidently tunring back on.

V-Tower Multipurpose Use

There are many ways you can vape with a vaporizer but most desktop vaporizers limit you to just flowers, not the V-Tower. The Arizer V-Tower lets itself become whatever mood you choose to be any time, any place! It can be a steamer, aromatic botanical warmer, essential oil diffuser, vaporizer as well as an aromatherapy device to vaporize your medicinal purposes and medicine.

Precise Technology

The LED indicator lights show the status of your unit and what heat setting it is currently showing. Also equipped on board is a Digital LCD display control panel system that shows the set temperature you desire as well as the actual temperature, fan speed, timer and displays both Celsius or Fahrenheit. The Arizer V-Tower has went a step ahead of its predessecors especially for the price and technology this unit comes with.

Final thoughts

The best thing about the V Tower in my opinion is simply the value for money that get from it.

At only around $150 this is one of the most affordable vapes on the market. It’s almost $100 cheaper than the Extreme Q and it’s less than half the cost of many high end vapes such as the Volcano Vaporizer or the Herbalizer.

Believe me, I have tried some pretty awful vaporizers that are in the same price range that have sourly disappointed me. But the V Tower is not one of them.

And to be honest I think you are going to hard pressed to find a desktop vaporizer that tastes this good for such a low price.

We recommend this website if you’d like to purchase a brand new Arizer V-Tower. They have great customer service and fast turn-around time.