Best Vape Juice of 2022

We asked, you voted, and the results are in! We compare the final poll results of our very 1st Best e-Juice poll on our site! The voice of the people has spoken and we listened loud and clear! We asked you to vote for your favorite e-liquid over multiple categories, to include Best VapeWild Flavor, Best Vape Juice 2022, and a few more. You overwhelmingly made your voices heard and we’ve got the winners here! Let’s dive in and see which way you went!

The Best VapeWild E-Juice Flavours 2022

Considering the pool you had to choose from, we know this was a close race. With every flavor we have ever offered to all the latest releases, we’re pretty sure you thought long and hard, tossed and turned, and debated with friends about which was the best vape juice. But being that flavor is subjective to the individual, we figured this one would be pretty hard. So, without further ado, let’s answer the question: what’s the best vape juice?

1 – Murica E-juice – Rocket Popsicle Flavor

Murica E-juice - Best Vape Juice of 2022The blast of flavor heard around the world, Murica is the most popular vape juice & VapeWild Fan-Favorite e-juice for a reason! Why? Because this fantastical bomb pop gallantly streams across your taste buds with its popsicle notes of red cherries, tart lemon-lime, and blue raspberries. The trifecta of flavors that makes Murica so great is equivalent to a majestic bald eagle soaring high over our Founding Fathers at Mount Rushmore. As Murica gets dripped into your RDA, a 500-shot firework display lights up the sky while the electric guitar melody of Star Spangled Banner by Jimi Hendrix pleases your ears in the background (equipped with a whammy bar, of course)! The American Dream is alive and well in your heart, and only one flavor can completely quench your thirst for freedom: MURICA. Say it loud and proud. What better way to explain the best e-juice than the words of Brendan O’Connell, a vaper and military veteran of the United States Marine Corps: “I have to say that if freedom had a taste…Murica would be the flavor. This is my go to juice with the perfect combination of Red White and Blue flavor. If you’re not ordering this juice, you’re basically locking your taste buds up like a prisoner of war. Stop reading right now, go order this juice, and taste the freedom of Murica! That’s an order!”

2 – Hannibal Nectar E-juice – Mixed Fruit Flavor

Hannibal Nectar E-juice -  Best Vape Juice of 2022

Your second place finisher in the VapeWild best e-juice flavors poll is the one and only Hannibal Nectar. The fact that Hannibal Nectar placed in two different flavor polls is definitely a testament to just how good, and how popular, this flavor is amongst vapers. So if the voters are telling you (twice) that this is a must vape e-juice, and we are telling you that this is a must vape e-juice, there’s really only one question left… why haven’t you tried Hannibal Nectar yet?! Do you still need more proof? How about the fact that this juice has reached an epic level of popularity despite having only been around just over a year? Look, we can keep telling you that this amazing blend of tropical fruits like peaches, oranges, berries, melons and more is fantastic. Or you can just get some for yourself and give it a try.Put down your plate of fava beans and that glass of chianti and put some Hannibal Nectar in your tank!

3 – Smurf Cake E-juice – Blueberry Cheesecake Flavor

Smurf Cake E-juice - Blueberry Cheesecake Flavor - Best Vape Juice of 2022

Smurf Cake took the bronze medal for the Best e-juice flavors 2022 from VapeWild! If you have ever tasted Smurf Cake from VapeWild you will agree this flavor deserves 3rd place, if not higher. In order to know if you’re going to enjoy this smurftastic e-juice, let’s go through a couple questions. First, do you like blueberries and cheesecake? If so, this is the flavor for you. Second, do you to live in the woods in a commune, wearing white overalls and a Phrygian cap? Forget the second question, if you answered yes to the first, just try this e-juice! On the inhale, you get the delicious taste of ripe blueberries and on the exhale, you taste notes of decadent rich cheesecake. You cannot go wrong with Smurf Cake, it is perfect for any season and any time of day. It does not matter if you drip or vape from a tank if Smurf Cake is not your ADV now, it quickly will be! Congrats to Smurf Cake you deserved it!

4 – Rainbow Crunch E-juice – Fruit Cereal Flavor

Rainbow Crunch E-juice - Fruit Cereal Flavor - Best Vape Juice of 2022Rainbow Crunch remains a classic for VapeWild, being one of our first flavors to ever make waves at the start. We’re proud of the fact that this e-juice remains a popular choice amongst fans, and based on its 4th place finish of this best e-juice 2022 poll, those feelings won’t be changing anytime soon. This fruity flavored cereal e-liquid takes you right back to your youthful days when you could eat cereal morning, noon, and night and not get sick. Rainbow Crunch combines fruity toasted cereal puffs and milk that makes this flavor taste like the milk after you ate all the cereal. It’s complex in that manner but simple in so many other ways. From the start, it has been a favorite, so we knew it would make it this far but we were surprised it didn’t rank higher than this. But the people have spoken. And we listened. Guess we’ve been too busy in the lab creating awesome vape flavor for you to enjoy.

5 – On Cloud Custard E-juice – Vanilla Custard Flavor

On Cloud Custard E-juice - Vanilla Custard Flavor - Best Vape Juice of 2022If you’re a real vaper, and we know that you are, you know that thick clouds are a MUST. On Cloud Custard is exactly what you’re looking for and then some. This easy-to-vape flavor seems simple enough, yet it will completely rock your taste buds with its decadent dessert notes of rich vanilla custard! A staple for the ultimate VapeWild fan, On Cloud Custard, the fifth place finisher in our VW best vape juice 2022 category, will be an All-Day-Vape for you at any hour of the day as it blesses your tongue with the creamy dessert flavors you’re looking for. It’s also worth noting that if you love to mix your own flavors, On Cloud Custard is an amazing flavor to mix with, creating a solid vanilla base for any other flavor you decide to combine with it. Keep your raging sweet tooth at bay with this flavor, and keep the clouds rolling in thick as you take on the day.

6 – Stoned Age E-juice – Ice Cream and Fruit Cereal Flavor

Stoned Age E-juice - Ice Cream and Fruit Cereal Flavor - Best Vape Juice of 2022How could you not love Stoned Age e-Juice? The name alone is fantastic, but when you couple that with the amazing blend of fruity, crispy cereal mixed with vanilla ice cream, that will blow your mind! Flint Stoned e-Juice is not just a fan favorite, it is also an office favorite here at VapeWild. Every time you vape this flavor all you can think of is a nice huge bowl of sweet, vanilla ice cream topped with fruity, crispy cereal just for an added crunch. Flint Stoned e-Juice may even curb some of the munchies you might have! And what a better way than to vape a flavor called Stoned Age?!




7 – Blue Harvest E-juice – Blueberry Watermelon Lemonade Flavor

Blue Harvest E-juice - Blueberry Watermelon Lemonade Flavor - Best Vape Juice of 2022Blue Harvest has been making waves since it appeared on our site last year. This summer beverage flavor is an exotic mix of juicy watermelons, refreshingly tart blueberries, and combined with a lip-smacking lemonade that tingles and tantalizes. It all comes together in one of the most popular beverage e-juice flavors we have and we’re kind of shocked it didn’t rank a tad bit higher in the best e-juice 2022 category. The complex notes of Blue Harvest leave a different taste in everyone’s mouth but each of them are as tasty as the last. You’ll want to keep this one handy to keep exploring it deeply to find out exactly what the hoopla is all about. 7th place in our best vape liquid poll isn’t so bad after all now is it?

8 – Cowboy Cooler E-juice – Menthol and Berry Flavor

Cowboy Cooler E-juice - Menthol and Berry Flavor - Best Vape Juice of 2022Since many vapers use or have used, vaping to transition away from those stinky analogs, it makes sense that menthol would be a reasonably popular flavor. Since it’s prevalent in the analog world, it makes a lot of sense that Cowboy Cooler would score an 8th place finish in the VapeWild Best Vape Flavors category. It’s also a testament to the popularity of menthol, and the quality of this e-juice, that it ranked eighth amongst our fans out of 150+ flavors. That’s a pretty strong recommendation. And honestly, we can tell you how good something is, but having our fans vote for it in strong numbers is the best testament you can get. If you’ve never tried Cowboy Cooler, it’s a blend of fruit flavors and menthol that features a tart kick. A variety of sweet and sour berries like strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, and cherries, all balanced with the menthol to provide a delightful experience for transitioning vapers and fans of menthol alike.

9 – Circus Bear E-juice – Strawberry Banana Custard Flavor

Circus Bear E-juice - Strawberry Banana Custard Flavor - Best Vape Juice of 2022Circus Bear e-Juice from VapeWild is a delicious blend of bananas and strawberries. Our customers call it the perfect blend of their favorite fruit, that is why it becomes everyone’s ADV so quickly and one of the reasons it was voted among the best vape flavors 2022. The wonderful ripe strawberries and sweet bananas mix together to create a smooth flavor that will have you doing somersaults in the air like you yourself could be in the circus. Circus Bear is the perfect flavor for anyone who is not sure what to try from VapeWild next. You can get it Pre-Steeped and made to order, so you can start vaping it as soon as you get it and still have time to let some steep. From the first drop to the last you can taste every single note that this flavor has to offer and you will not be disappointed in Circus Bear one bit. The best part is there is no circus or bear training needed!

10 – Wrecking Ball E-juice – Banana Pudding Flavor

Wrecking Ball E-juice - Banana Pudding Flavor - Best Vape Juice of 2022Don’t go bananas, but Wrecking Ball rounds out our competition between the VapeWild best vape juice flavors in 10th place. Now before you go judging too harshly, just remember that the people ran this poll. But by no means does this signify that this lovely dessert e-juice flavor isn’t a heavy contender. Why? Because there are not too many souls on earth who don’t love a good banana pudding and when we literally took the recipe and melted it down into virtual liquid gold, you had to know it would show up on this poll somewhere as a winner. But #10? Come on people! Show Wrecking Ball the respect it deserves! We’re gonna go have a meeting about this and vape copious amounts to figure out what the people are thinking. But don’t worry, we won’t change a single thing about the recipe. It still placed, right?


Best Vape Juice Brands 2022

We took a gamble that paid off by introducing other brands on our site earlier this year and this poll was the perfect way to gauge how you feel about it. You got to choose from brands like Space Jam, Old Fashioned Elixir, and Islander, to name a few. We see you drool over VapeWild e-juice so much that we just had to know what your favorite OTHER brand is. And boy did you let us know in a major way!

1st Place Other Brand: Naked 100 E-liquids

Naked 100 E-liquids - Best Vape Juice of 2022Congratulations to Naked 100 for its first place finish in the Best E-Liquid Brand 2022 category! With so many options out there on the market for vapers to try, it’s a testament to the quality and flavor that the Naked 100 line brings to the table that it took the top spot. Is there a secret to the success? The answer just might be simplicity. Seems strange right? We’re so used to vape juice often being somewhat wild and outrageous flavors, that the idea of something simple may seem a little strange. Naked 100’s variety of flavors are both simple and simply delicious. From Naked Unicorn, a perfectly balanced strawberries & cream flavor, to Yummy Gum, a classic bubble gum flavor, this line of e-juice specializing in perfectly executing the flavor profiles they set out to create. There’s also juices with flavors including mangos, a variety of melons, green apples and melons, sweet and sour, bananas, Hawaiian pog and more. There’s truly a flavor for every set of taste buds in the Naked 100 line, which makes it very easy to see why this was our voter’s top pick. If you’ve never experienced this deliciously varied line of e-juice, now is the time to get yourself a bottle, or twelve, and experience the brand that’s at the top of everyone’s list.

2nd Place Other Brand: Space Jam E-Juice

Space Jam E-Juice - Best Vape Juice of 2022The 2nd Place Brand award goes to…. Space Jam! This line of e-juices features a variety of cosmically inspired flavors that are sure to give you all the power you need to defeat the Monstars! Wait… wrong Space Jam. You can enjoy delectable flavors from the cosmos like, Strawberry Ice Cream, Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy, Blueberry Muffin, Cherry Limeade and much more. With one of a kind names like Pluto, Meteor Milk, and Yamato we are confident in saying you will find a flavor you will love to vape AND brag to your friends about. Space Jam is one of the most well-known brands in the vaping community thanks to their unique green bottles, beautiful labels and best of all, great e-Liquid! You are sure to understand why our customers love Space Jam just as much as we do once you try them. Feel like you’re from another planet every time you vape Space Jam, one of the best vape juices!

3rd Place Other Brand: Cosmic Fog E-Juice

Cosmic Fog E-Juice - Best Vape Juice of 2022VapeWild changed the game when we added other flavors and manufacturers to our site and it hasn’t been the same since. We only wanted the best and for that reason, Cosmic Fog had to be included. Known for their bodacious fruit flavors and their unique blends, this company takes its time to derive some of the most anticipated flavors out there. They tirelessly create recipes that keep you coming back for more. Cosmic Fog took the #3 spot with their line of classically sweet fruit flavors and their simple but fresh bottle designs. With flavors like Milk & Honey, Sonrise, and Sonset, it’s not hard to see why Cosmic Fog was a contender. They keep a great mix of flavors that you’ll come back to again and again.

4th Place Other Brand: WFFL E-liquids

WFFL E-liquids - Best Vape Juice of 2022Why take the early morning journey to the local breakfast joint when you can harness all of the waffle greatness with WFFL E-Liquid?! Four delightfully sweet e-juice concoctions make up this amazing line. Strawberries & Cream is a fruit lover’s dream with its ripe strawberry compote and lusciously cool cream slapped on top of a warm, fluffy waffle. Blueberry is exactly what you guessed! Sweet, satisfying blueberries piled on top of that waffle goodness. Lemon Curd harnesses the power of the lemon in both sweet and tart notes, of course, lathered on top of a made-to-order waffle. Almond & Caramel takes sweetness to a new extent by combining toasted almonds and thick caramel for a delectable dessert-style waffle. All four flavors in this all-star lineup combine forces to make up the most extravagant e-liquid line that is WFFL E-Liquid. The fact that they all come in only 60ml bottles is just another reason to love breakfast at any time of day!

5th Place Other Brand: Charlie’s Chalk Dust

Charlie’s Chalk Dust - Best Vape Juice of 2022In fifth place in the Other Brands voting is the creative creations from Charlie’s Chalk Dust. Don’t let the name fool you, these are top-notch e-juice flavors that definitely do not have a chalky taste. The Charlie’s line features a variety of unique flavor combinations. CCD3 is a delectable dessert flavor combining ice cream with a caramel and sea salt topping. Honey Badger features a unique tobacco flavor combining brushed tobacco leaves with honey and cream. Mustache Milk is a sweeter take on a traditional cereal flavor with sweet cream added to the mix to gives your sweet tooth a little love. You really can’t go wrong with any of Charlie’s creations, and our voters seemed to agree with the sentiment. So if you’re looking for something a little different to fill your tank, or soak your cotton, give one of the tasty creations in the Charlie’s Chalk Dust line a try.

Employee Favorites Best Vape Juice 2022

You didn’t think we’d leave ourselves out of the equation did you? There’s no better expert at VapeWild flavors than VapeWild employees and because we have master mixologists and discerning taste buds in-house, we wanted to get a complete picture of what our team members considered the best e-juice flavor we offer as well. Please believe this almost started a civil war but that’s politics, right? Check out which flavor won the battle!

Lacey’s Favorite: Dragon Warrior Pre-Steeped E-liquid

Dragon Warrior Pre-Steeped E-liquidI’m Lacey and I do search engine optimization and merchandising on VapeWild, so if you found us on Google, you’re welcome! It’s truly hard for me to choose my favorite e-juice because I like so much variety in my flavors. One I always find myself coming back to is Dragon Warrior. This love for Dragon Warrior is also solidified by Game of Thrones as one of my favorite characters Danaerys who has three kick-ass dragons (well, she used to have three 🙁 damn Night King). Originally when I saw this new e-juice, Dragon Warrior, I didn’t think I’d like it since I’m not a big green tea drinker and its flavors consist of Green tea, Milk, and Dragon Fruit. I was probably one of the last employees to try Dragon Warrior after its release, but when I did, I knew I just vaped something special. The flavors meld together so perfectly to create a smooth, clean, and tasty puff. It’s also not a coil killer, which is a huge plus, since I often build my own Clapton coils. Those get gunky and it is super annoying due to the work it takes to create them. So if you haven’t tried Dragon Warrior yet because you’re not much of a green tea kind of person, give it a shot! I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I do!

The Ghost of Bronco Bill’s Favorite: Black Jelly Bean Vape Juice

The Ghost of Bronco Bill’s Favorite: Black Jelly Bean Vape JuiceIf you remember one thing from your childhood that brings back waves of nostalgia of running through rivers and walking through the small cities shopping center, it’s those late night runs to the store to get your favorite candy. Of course, we’re all thinking of Black Jelly Beans! The flavor of the licorice root is easily the most on the nose flavor we have ever made! The simplicity of the juice makes it easy to build on the flavor by adding other simple flavors which can create brand new profiles that will intrigue the senses. There isn’t much to be desired with Black Jelly Beans since we have put everything we can into the flavor to make an experience that does not fail to meet expectations! If you have any doubts towards the quality or whether or not you will like this flavor, just let the reviews speak for themselves! It’s a flavor that many have gotten behind since it’s just so desirable. Plus who vapes black jelly beans? Nobody! Everyone goes for something like our Murica or (S+C)2 and while those are good, everyone uses it! Where’s the individuality? The adventure of trying a new juice is that it could become your all day vape!

For real though Mr. Meringue by Charlie’s Chalkdust is the most amazing thing you will taste, I like it because of lemons.

Angie’s Favorite: Brexit at Tiffany’s Pre-steeped E-Juice

Angie’s Favorite: Brexit at Tiffany’s Pre-steeped E-JuiceMy name is Angie, I have been a customer service specialist at Vape wild for two years. My first year I vaped Smurf Cake, so it was beyond time for me to find a new adv. So I was at a Vape Jam Convention in Oklahoma City, August of 2016 and we were about to open the doors and present our flavors. As I’m setting the bottles out, one, in particular, catches my eye… Brexit at Tiffany’s. What is this? I cracked open the bottle, excitedly ripping the plastic off, taking a whiff…. did I miss the memo? When was the release? I must try this. As I dripped it onto my fresh cotton, I checked my face, am I drooling? I was, so to the guy that bought the blue Vape Wild shirt, sorry, I needed to clean my face =D. First inhale, what’s this Banana, creamy wonderful banana and … is that Toffee? Creamy sweet toffee, it’s smooth rich flavor filling my pallet. I fell in love with this flavor immediately, I probably vape about 4x60mls a week of the 3mg nicotine, pre-steeped 65/35 blend. I love to pair my Brexit with my morning coffee and it’s the perfect after dinner dessert 🙂 I would recommend Brexit to anyone looking for a full flavored sweet ADV!

Dale’s Favorite: Butterbeer E-Juice & Luckybird by Bluebird E-liquids

Dale’s Favorite: Butterbeer E-Juice & Luckybird by Bluebird E-liquidsPicking my favorite e-Liquid is hard because I have 2 flavors that I vape all day long! My first is Butterbeer, I wake up and vape that flavor in the morning with my coffee and all of the caramel buttery goodness with my coffee is hands down the best flavor on the planet! I love to drip Butterbeer and I typically use my Freakshow RDA and a DNA mod at 100W when I vape that flavor… it’s just the perfect combo to bring out all of the layers of Butterbeer. The next flavor I vape is Luckybird from Bluebird. I vape Luckybird in the FireLuke Tank with my Funky 160W mod at 110W all day long. Luckybird has a great mellow flavor that transforms on you every time you vape. Sometimes you get a creamy milk flavor and other times you get marshmallow cereal flavor. On a typical day, I will have both mods and flavors on my desk and go back and forth throughout the day. Both flavors are creamy and sweet, that is the profile I love, and if you watch the flavor testing videos I do on VapeWild’s YouTube I am sure you can tell those are my favorite!

Gabe’s Favorite: Strawberry & Cream by WFFL & Redbird by Bluebird

Gabe’s Favorite: Strawberry & Cream by WFFL & Redbird by BluebirdI’m a huge fan of Strawberry & Cream by WFFL! When we picked it up and started to send it out on all orders to see how our guests liked them, I was not a fan of anything Strawberry based. And then WFFL happened, VAPE HEAVEN! The way the cream smoothes out the 3mg nic, the great cloud from the 70% Vg and the rad bottle label make this gem the best! Since WFFL happened in my life, strawberries have gotten the second chance I should have given it. Which leads me to Redbird by Bluebird!

Goodness me, cheesecake, strawberry, AND cereal? Listen here, you got me all juiced up for clouding my office space! You can almost hear the tweets (no hashtag) when the flavor hits the taste buds. It’s ridiculously delicious. You can taste any of the three flavors with each draw, and the cheesecake is the one I taste the most. The cereal acting as a crust gave me the idea to do make this one up in my home kitchen, but diets are real. The struggle is hardcore. And then I fly back to the Redbird and repeat the cycle.

Rebe’s Favorite: Green Blast by Naked 100 E-Juice

Rebe’s Favorite: Green Blast by Naked 100 E-JuiceMy favorite juice that Vapewild sells would have to be hands down “Green Blast” by Naked. I love the flavor because it’s so crisp and refreshing when you vape it. This is my all day juice because I can never get enough of it. I also like that it isn’t too thick for my King Cloud Beast. When I vape on it everyone tells me that it smells so good, but what gets them first is my T-Priv, they see the lights and wonder what it is, and then they smell the amazing aroma of “Green Blast” and it blows them away. No pun intended. 😉 There has even been a handful of people that have smelled it and asked me where they can get some, and I tell them “VapeWild of course!” and right then and there they have ordered some. I love that I can have something so awesome to vape while I draw custom pictures for some of the customers of VapeWild. I like the intense flavors of all the Naked brand because thanks to that vape juice, I have been off the stinky sticks for almost 4 months and don’t plan on looking back, but “Green Blast” is the best so far!

Elise’s Favorite: Strawberry + Birthday Cake E-Juice

Elise’s Favorite: Strawberry + Birthday Cake E-JuiceHey guys! My name is Elise and I’m on the Creative Team here at VapeWild! When someone asked me what my favorite juice was….I was actually stumped for a minute. I really love so many of them that I can’t even figure out what I want to vape. I can’t decide if I want a rich, sweet dessert flavor or if I should stick with my old faithful favorite, and number one go-to, a fresh juicy fruit flavor! Lucky for me I don’t have to worry about picking between the two lately. My friend Reed here at VW introduced me to one of his personal mash-ups… Strawberry Birthday Cake! It’s half Strawberry VapeWild juice and half Birthday Cake VapeWild juice and it is the bomb dot com guys! Strawberry Birthday Cake gives me that rich delicious cake flavor with a kick of fresh ripe strawberries on top. Just imagine a perfect and delicious freshly baked vanilla birthday cake with strawberry glaze dripping all over the top of it and fresh strawberries pieces sprinkled all over! I personally like to use a 65/35 VG/PG ratio because it still maintains that smoothness while giving you a huge punch of flavor that sometimes I just can’t get with Max VG. If you haven’t tried mixing the two yet, I would definitely recommend it – it’s the perfect juice to satisfy your sweet tooth craving!

Best Vape Juice of 2022 (Pre-Steeped) – VapeWild Pre-Steeped Vape Juice

Ahh those dark amber bottles full of golden delicious e-liquid that take the guesswork out of steeping. The best flavors, all generously steeped, just for you and ready to vape as soon as you pop the seal. These pre-steeped VapeWild flavors are the top of the pops and deciding which one is best was difficult, we’re sure. But go ahead and see which one took the win in this hard-to-choose category. We bet you’ll be surprised at the winner in this race!

1st Place Pre-Steeped: Butterbeer E-juice

Butterbeer E-juiceMagical potions and wizardry aside, Butterbeer is just a cool flavor. Who else do you know is mixing a sinfully rich butterscotch cream delight like this? We didn’t even need a magic wand to do it either. We’ve got our own wizards in a lab that produces some of the most delectable e-liquid flavors this side of heaven. Butterbeer continues to delight our fans everywhere and not just due to its otherworldly links but because the flavor is deep and full of cream and reminds you of all the things you love about cold nights and snowy days. With the coming of fall, Butterbeer is the perfect partner to take with you because of rich butterscotch overtones with vanilla. And clearly, the rest of you thought so too.

2nd Place Pre-Steeped: Stardust E-juice

Stardust E-juiceLong, long ago, VapeWild launched a spacecraft, sent into the depths of space on a mission to harness the flavors of the universe. Luckily, utilizing the power of wormholes and light-speed, our spacecraft arrived back at VW headquarters with the magical flavors from the stars themselves just in time! Coincidentally enough, we named this divine flavor STARDUST. This scrumptious pre-steeped e-juice combines magical notes of cucumber and muddled fruits for an intergalactic tasting experience. For those that have harnessed the power of Stardust in their tanks, they can’t stop complimenting this flavor for its utterly smooth and sweet profile. Good thing we were able to shimmy our way around the asteroid belt and dodge a couple black holes to bring you this universally-renowned flavor! Word from the cosmos is that Stardust came in 2nd place for the best Pre-Steeped flavor on the VapeWild site, and we’re excited to know we’ve enlisted plenty of vaping astronauts.

3rd Place Pre-Steeped: Dragon Warrior E-juice

Dragon Warrior E-juiceYour votes have been tallied and the results are in! Finishing in third place in the Pre-Steeped category… wait for it… wait for it… Dragon Warrior! One of the most unique e-juices in the pre-steeped line, Dragon Warrior is a subtle blend of green tea and dragon fruit with a subtle hint of creamy milk. Inspired by flavors from the far east, this e-juice will help any vaping warrior to reach a zen state after the heat of battle… or for the rest of us, provide a sweet, relaxing experience that’s smooth enough to be a candidate for your all-day vape. The true magic of Dragon Warrior is its versatile flavor profile that appeals to lovers of green tea, in all its forms. Whether you enjoy your green tea simply, with just a touch of sweetness or milk, or prefer it in a bubble tea or ice cream form, Dragon Warrior is likely to appeal directly to your taste buds. Don’t believe us? Believe the voters and give this delectable flavor a try!

4th Place Pre-Steeped: Ya’ Killin’ Me Smores E-juice

Ya’ Killin’ Me Smores E-juiceVapeWild’s Pre-Steeped 4th place winner is (drum Roll…) Ya Killin Me S’mores! This ooey gooey marshmallow, graham cracker, and milk chocolate flavor e-Juice definitely deserves this amazing award. Once you try this flavor you will quickly understand why so many VapeWild customers love it. You can truly taste the crunch of the graham cracker, quickly followed by the sweet fluffy marshmallow… then BAM! Deliciously perfected milk chocolate. We at VapeWild are proud of Ya Killin Me S’mores and that is one reason why it is in our Pre-Steeped line. Keep your fingers clean with this flavor and don’t be like Smalls! Ya Killin Me S’mores e-Juice will have you wanting some more!

5th Place Pre-Steeped: Shamrock Irish Milkshake E-juice

Shamrock Irish Milkshake E-juiceYou don’t have to technically be Irish to enjoy Shamrock Irish Milkshake. Don’t be fooled by this whimsical name, this flavor packs a nice breezy punch while still being smooth enough to enjoy all day long. The mint tastes just like those soft, melt-in-your-mouth after dinner mints your grandma used to keep around the house. Do they even still make those? This yummy beverage e-liquid is a cool mash-up of milky sweet vanilla topped with a classic whipped cream and adds a cool undertone of minty smoothness to make it just refreshing enough to not overpower. This milkshake may not bring all the boys to the yard, but it will certainly have everyone around you asking what it is and where to get it. Do us a solid and tell them they can only find it at If they’re lucky enough, they’ll find a bottle of this at the end of the rainbow.

Best Mystery Vape Juice 2022

Since its inception, our monthly Mystery Flavors have been a huge hit in the VapeWild world and for very good reason. The mystique that shrouds this tiny 10ml bottle full of golden e-liquid that you have no idea about is nothing short of intriguing. Do you dare take the challenge of braving the unknown? Do you vape it forward? Like most people, your curiosity probably got the better of you and you took the plunge and had a long 30 days to wait until its reveal. We take on all the Mystery Flavors we’ve ever released in this poll so take a peek to see if your favorite took home the gold!

1st Place Mystery Flavor: The Sherbinator E-Juice

The Sherbinator E-JuiceThe grand prize winner of this category shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who voted. Highly reminiscent of the much-beloved, but long-gone Technicolor Dreamfluff, The Sherbinator took the crown in this category and it’s not hard to see why. Tantalizing teases of citrus sherbet made this winner a standout flavor release with our famously silly release video to accompany it. As far as mystery flavors go, we kept you guessing on this one and a few of you were really close. But with so much feedback about a previous release of a similar flavor, we knew we had to revamp and bring something back. The fact that we got to make a crazy video parodying the Terminator was totally a bonus as well. With all the amazing mystery flavors we’ve released, it was definitely a little surprising that our newest creation took the top spot, but it’s nice to know we’ve created a new juice that all of you love and enjoy.

2nd Place Mystery Flavor: One Size Fits All E-juice

One Size Fits All E-juiceJune 2017’s Mystery Flavor, One Size Fits All, has claimed a top spot on our list for its COLOSSAL fruit flavors! With a refreshing profile of ripe strawberries and juicy guava, this e-juice surely has a comfortably fitted spot on your taste buds. Our #VapeWildFam loves One Size Fits All for its plentiful sweet nodes and easy-to-vape palate. As it is ideal for both tanks and drippers, this fruity fusion has become the All-Day-Vape for many vapers. Filming for this Mystery Flavor Reveal video was some of the most fun times we’ve had in the office, especially due to the fact that we turned a fart gun into a shrink ray (also a reverse-shrink ray)! When you first take a glance at the name, you had no idea what to expect with One Size Fits All, but it definitely has proven to hit the mark and find a spot in our hearts.

3rd Place Mystery Flavor: Hannibal Nectar E-juice

Hannibal Nectar E-juiceIn a bit of a surprise, the third-place finisher in the Mystery Flavor poll is the one and only Hannibal Nectar. This is a surprise only because this e-juice is easily one of the most popular in the VapeWild catalog, so that fact it was defeated by two relative newbies is a shocker! Originally debuting in July 2016, Hannibal Nectar escaped the vault much to the joy of vapers everywhere. Combining several sweet and succulent fruits, including peaches, oranges, melons, berries and more, this diabolically delicious e-juice went from a relative unknown to one of VapeWild’s most popular flavors in a relatively short time. The secret to this e-juice’s success? No single fruit dominates the flavor profile. Forget fava beans and a nice chianti, every fruit cannibal knows that there’s only one bottle to reach for when those tropical urges come over you. If so many of our fans agree about the greatest of Hannibal Nectar, there’s really no reason left for you to know give it a try. Hannibal Nectar may have finished in third place in the mystery flavor poll, but there’s a reasonably good chance that it’ll become number one in your tank, and your heart if you let it in.

4th Place Mystery Flavor: King Cake E-juice

King Cake E-juiceOur amazing customers voted and King Cake e-Juice finished 4th place in the Mystery Flavors category! King Cake was the Mystery Flavor for April 2015 and it is amazing. If you have never tried a King Cake you could take a trip to NOLA (fun, but pricey) or you could just pick up a bottle from VapeWild (just as fun, and inexpensive). King Cake e-Juice is a wonderful blend of cinnamon, cake, and icing that will knock your socks off. Our King Cake e-Juice is so close to the real thing that you will be looking for the little plastic baby in every bottle just to see if you are the lucky one! Take a trip to New Orleans every time you vape with the delicious goodness that is King Cake e-Juice.

5th Place Mystery Flavor: Rock & Rollgurt E-juice

Rock & Rollgurt E-juiceRounding out the pack in the last spot is a yogurt flavor e-liquid that you either loved or hated. Although why anyone would hate Rock & Rollgurt is beyond us. Richly creamy with a nice blend of tart and sweet, we took two overlooked, underrated flavors, hibiscus and black currant, and created a truly decadent treat that can be enjoyed pretty much all day. This mystery flavor isn’t for the faint of heart, and neither was our release video, which featured all the greatest vape rock songs of our time (all original content, by the way). That alone should have ranked this flavor higher.


After a tough race, we’ve gotta say we’re quite proud of our cloud blowing crew. You submitted your votes in record numbers and took your stance and voted for the best. Democracy feels good doesn’t it?

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