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My name is Brian, but I go by E-Cig Twigg online. I have smoked for over 20 years before I found e-cigarettes. I was so impressed with them that I started this website to help other smokers find the freedom from tobacco i did. I feel better about my choice and wish I would have found e-cigs sooner.


IEC was designed to help smokers who want to know more about electronic cigarettes. Many smokers who are unable to quit smoking need a smarter alternative to tobacco. I firmly believe that electronic cigarettes offer a reasonable and practical approach to tobacco harm reduction for smokers who can’t or won’t quit smoking.

I do not condone the use of electronic cigarettes for:

  • non-smokers underage persons
  • by women who are, or might be pregnant
  • nor by anyone who has health issues that would make nicotine use dangerous
  • a smoking cessation device