Da Buddha Vaporizer

The Da Buddha Vaporizer is manufactured by 7th Floor and can be considered the “poor man’s” version of the Silver Surfer. However, that does not mean it should be considered a cheaply made popular  vaporizer. It simply means that it is more of a stripped down unit without all of the flashiness that comes with the SSV. The glass accessories are not the same custom variety and the temperature knob is made of metal. There are also not as many color options, as the Da Buddha comes in only silver or black.

The heater cover and whip that come with the Da Buddha feature a ground glass connection, meaning it is hands free. The clear glass male wand connects to a horizontal female heater cover and when twisted slightly, it will create a seal. This can be convenient as it allows for the user to let go of the wand while vaporizing, only requiring that they hold the mouthpiece. Also great for adjusting the temperature while inhaling, making it easy to find the perfect setting.

Da Buddha Vaporizer Pros & Cons

Pros :
  • Ceramic heater
  • Borosilicate glass parts
  • Food grade whip
Cons :
  • Baseplate is cheap
  • No hands free attachment

How Does it Differ from the Silver Surfer?

The Da Buddha vaporizer is a toned down version of the SSV and therefore has some differences. Unlike the Silver Surfer that angles slightly downward, the heater cover is horizontal and this can cause the herb to fall slightly forward when connecting the wand. The unit itself is also completely upright, though it is made of anodized aluminum just like the SSV. The Da Buddha does not have the same custom glass temperature knob, though the metal one can be swapped out if someone wanted to. Another difference is the thickness and quality of the glass, as the Da Buddha glass is not hand blown in Colorado.

Da Buddha vs Other Whip Style Vaporizers

There are certainly some differences between the Da Buddha and other whip vaporizers in general. A lot of units have a female wand and male heater cover setup. This can cause the heating element to end up very close to the herb in the wand, making it quick to overheat & burn. Quite a few units have this style and heating elements that angle upward, which even worsens how easily the herb falls forward. Though better than a lot of units out there, the Da Buddha’s horizontal heater cover is still not as effective as a downward facing connection, as found on the Silver Surfer.

Da Buddha Vaporizer Where Should the Dial be Set?

The Da Buddha often works best when the dial is set to 2 o’clock; however there are some different factors that should be considered when choosing where to set the temperature at. When beginning, turn the dial all the way to the maximum allowed and the unit will heat up at a faster rate. However do not leave it set to this level when vaporizing, as it will cause the herbs in the wand to char or burn. If having trouble finding the best spot, start around noon slowly working up until the desired vapor forms.

Da Buddha Vaporizer Heat Up Time

The ceramic heating element that comes built into the Da Buddha is capable of a rather quick heat up time. Within 90 seconds at the maximum setting, the heating element will be glowing very bright red. Turn the dial back to about 2’clock and wait a brief moment for the element to cool just slightly. Too hot and the herb inside of the wand may end up burning. Only a short two minutes and the Da Buddha is ready for action; the perfect amount of time to grind and prepare the herb.

Da Buddha Vaporizer Tricks and Tips

If the herb falls forward whenever the wand is connected to the heater cover, consider propping the Da Buddha up at an angle. Something like a book or binder can be very useful to slant the unit and provide a better angle for connecting the wand. Also start at a low temperature setting and turn it up slowly to find the best level for the herb being used. Remember to clean the wand and change the tubing often for the best flavor during vaporization.

Is Silver Surfer Glass Compatible With the Da Buddha?

The Da Buddha heater cover does have the same connection size as the ground glass Silver Surfer. This means that colorful custom glass wands of the SSV can be used with the Da Buddha vaporizer. Plus all of the various colored tubing that is available. The metal temperature knob can also be changed out for a Silver Surfer custom glass knob. That is perfect for those who want to add some individuality to their vaporizer.

Is Silver Surfer Glass Compatible with the Da Buddha?

Though not as easy or straight forward to use with a bong like a Lifesaber is, the Da Buddha can indeed be used through water filtration. The glass mouthpiece is removed from the end of the tubing and replaced with a Silver Surfer water pipe adapter. These are available in 14 and 19mm; catering to either of the common ground glass bong sizes. This water pipe adapter will then replace the bowl piece of the bong being used. Once everything is connected the hot air will pass over the herb in the wand, through the tubing and into the bong via the water pipe adapter. It can require a rather long inhalation in order to completely fill up a bong using this method.

How to Clean and Maintain


The Da Buddha is a relatively easy vaporizer to maintain as the components are glass and there aren’t too many of them. The whip can be deconstructed into the wand, tubing and mouthpiece. If the tubing has been excessively used, replace it with a brand new vinyl tube. Pluck the metal screen out of the wand with the included metal stirring tool and dispose of. Soak the glass wand and mouthpiece in isopropyl alcohol for a while, as this will easily loosen any built up residue. Rinse off with warm water and allow it to dry.

Replacing a screen in the wand can be a little difficult the first time on the Da Buddha. The best method is to slightly bend the screen in a concave shape and slowly work the edge into the wand. Use the metal end of the metal stirrer to precisely fit it into place. Then fit the new vinyl tubing into the other end of the wand and the mouthpiece into the tubing. The heater cover can be popped off and soaked until clean as well.

Overall Review

The Da Buddha vaporizer is a great direct draw option for those on a budget. Though cost effective, it is constructed of a high quality anodized aluminum frame and certainly not a cheap desktop vaporizer. The ground glass offers a solid connection between the wand and heater cover, producing quality vapor every time. And the clear wand that is included can be swapped out for a colorful SSV wand, to add a little excitement.

da budda vaporizer review

A horizontal heater cover can be a little annoying, but easily remedied with anything that can prop the Da Buddha at an angle. This is really only a minor inconvenience when considering the value of the unit. It does have a lot to offer for a direct draw vape, even though there is no digital display.

The ceramic heating element gets up to temp very quickly once set. And the dial control always provides very exact vaporization with a wide range of temperatures. Plus a nice padded bag comes with every Da Buddha for easy transportation. The Da Buddha is certainly a great choice for the person who wants a great direct draw vaporizer for under $200.

We recommend purchasing Da Buddha from our preferred retailer. They stock a bunch of accessories for it as well.