How To Fly with your Vape 2021

A friend of mine was planning a trip overseas and asked about bringing his vape along as he wanted to stay committed to using it on his vacation and not have to go back to regular cigarettes. Usually, I wouldn’t think twice about this as everyone that I know that travels a lot has a small compact e-cig such as a  vape pen or a cig-a-like, however, my buddy has a bigger e-cig device commonly called a vape mod.

His vape has a led display and a large firing button. Basically, it looks like a detonator for a pipe bomb!! I urged my friend to take a compact vape rather than his usual setup, but he insisted on bringing his huge mod. This was not just to see what would happen, but he tried vape pens and they just didn’t work for him.

So the day of the flight came and he texted me that TSA didn’t give him any issues at all. All they asked him was what it was and if he could demonstrate that it was indeed a vape. We were all pleasantly surprised by this, but traveling with your vape isn’t without its woes. I’ll quickly give you a quick rundown on how to prepare for your trip with your vaping device.

First and foremost if you have a  huge vape mod (looks like a weapon), leave it at home. I did some research after my buddy left and it seems like the TSA is okay will most e-cigs right now except certain “aggressive”  looking designs like the Cool Fire II. Furthermore like all liquids, you should keep your vape juice in a clear plastic bag similar to what you would use for toiletries. E-Juice sized bottles should be limited to only 3.4oz (or 100ml). This is not limited to just e-juices but a standard to any liquids being brought on your carry on.

Although you may be asked to fire your e-cig during the screening process to ensure it is truly an e-cig, if you are bringing a box mod, you should remove the batteries from your e-cig and keep them in a separate container or baggie. This is for safety purposes as your personal vaporizers could misfire/autofire and possibly cause a fire in your carry on.

I personally went on a trip last weekend and something that I wish knew beforehand was to not fill up your tanks before your flight. In fact, leave your tanks completely empty before your flight. What happened to me was all my e-juice leaked out of my tank and got a lot of my clothes dirty.

I was fortunate and brought quite a bit of e-juice with me so I was able to refill when I landed and my hotel had laundry facilities so double good luck! I quickly researched on why this happened and the simple answer is with the changing altitudes on my flight, the air vacuum in my tank based atomizers changed and thus my vape juice leaked out of every open hole.

Another item to keep in mind is to pack your e-cig in your carry-on especially if you have an expensive setup. I would like to think everyone that works in the TSA has a good heart and are all honest people, but that’s not always the case. I’ve heard horror stories of fellow e-cig users of how they’ve gotten expensive setups stolen or damaged. Best thing to do is just to keep your e-cig on you to prevent this from happening.

One last item to touch base on before signing off; do not by any means use your electronic cigarette on your flight. This is not only rude but will quickly put you on the no-fly list. The vapor from your e-cig may set off the smoke detectors in the cabin, through all this confusion the plane will be forced to land and the air marshal will most likely have you shackled soon after. Worst case scenario but not worth the life-changing consequences!

I’m sure since e-cig usage is up to the discretion of the airline as there are no FAA regulations against e-cig usage at this time, but nevertheless, just don’t do it. One of the most important rules of using your e-cig is never ok to use e-cigs where cigarettes aren’t allowed to be used. Since cigarettes have been banned from airplanes since April 1998, E-Cigs are not an exception.

If you are flying internationally, please look up some of the laws relating to e-cig. There are some countries that do not allow any tobacco or electronic cigarette products to be used out in the public. Countries such as Brazil and Singapore come to mind as I am writing this post. As time goes on this list may change or more countries may be added on to the list, just something to keep in mind.