How to Refill Hash Oil Cartridges & Make Hash Oil for Vapes

One of the many impressive things about cannabis is the fact it’s adaptable. Besides smoking its buds and getting high, you can also infuse cooking oil or butter with it. You can as well choose to vape its oil feel its effects much faster. Here is how to get around with your vape, waxes and cannabis oils.

How to refill hash oil cartridges

  1. Take your refillable vape cartridge and open the top.
  2. Take the syringe and remove its applicator tip before adding the required amount of oil. Replace the applicator tip.
  3. Open the vape cartridge and insert the applicator tip into the filling area of the vape cartridge and gently push the oil into the vape cartridge. Ensure that the cartridge is filled evenly with oil spreading equally on both sides of the cylindrical vape cartridge. The vape cartridge used in this demo has a capacity of 1ml and it is filled halfway.
  4. Remove the applicator tip from the cartridge by pulling the syringe. Close the cartridge.
  5. Since the oil is viscous, hold the vape cartridge vertically to let it slowly flow to the correct zone. The vape cartridge used in this demo has a capacity of 1ml so the time taken for the cannabis oil to flow to the correct zone is about 1 minute.
  6. Once the oil has flowed to the bottom, remove the bottom protector and screw your vape to the vape battery. Leave the vape standing (with its battery at the bottom) for about 2 minutes to saturate the coil and the wick with cannabis oil.
  7. Now grab the cartridge and start vaping

How to make hash oil for vape pen

There are over 4000 varieties of cannabis.

Pick the variety with the high amount of CBD to make oil for your vape pen.

You need the following:

  • Ethanol
  • 3Glass bowl
  • Sieve
  • Dried cannabis variety of your choice
  • Coffee machine
  • Coffee filter
  • Lighter

Preparing the initial filtrate

Add your cannabis in the glass bowl and pour enough ethanol just to cover the plant inside the glass bowl. Ethanol is instrumental in separating the cannabinoids from the plant material.

This process needs to be done fast because allowing the ethanol to stay in contact with cannabis alters the quality of the produced oil. Therefore, stir the contents of the glass bowl for just 3 minutes using a plastic spoon. Avoid using mechanical devices to avoid producing sparks and risk burning everything.

Separating the ethanol from the plant material

Take the second glass bowl and fix the sieve on the lid. Proceed to pour the mixture on the sieve to filter and collect the filtrate in the second bowl. Let them stand for a while for all the filtrate to drop from the plant material on the sieve.

The filtrate still contains plant elements. Therefore, embarking on the second phase of filtration by taking a coffee machine and adding the coffee filter on the lid. Use the spoon to pour the filtrate obtained above through the coffee filter.

Cooking (separating ethanol from cannabinoids)

The filtrate can be cooked using almost any method including the rice cooker or any container over an open flame. Sadly, most of the direct heat cooking options such as using the rice cooker turn out to be laborious and require you to enclose them in a large glass box to contain the vapors. So the best alternative is a water distiller. The amount taken to separate the ethanol from cannabinoids depends on the amount of the filtrate you choose to cook.

Open the lid of the water distiller, add the filtrate, and place the third glass bowl below the distiller’s “tap”. The distiller will distill the ethanol and collect it in the bowl. The amount of the alcohol collected should be roughly 80% of the amount you used at the start.

Getting the oil

Open the distiller and pour the remaining liquid into a heating container. Place the heating container in the coffee machine and switch it on. Let it heat for 3 minutes to remove the remaining traces of ethanol.

Quality test

Take a paper clip, dip it in the final concentrate and run a lit lighter on it. If sparks are produced, return the concentrate in the coffee machine for further heating to remove the remaining ethanol. If no sparks are produced, voila! You’ve just produced near perfect cannabis oil for vaping.

How to turn wax into oil vape pen

Here is how to turn wax into e-juice for any vape pen.


  • Wax
  • Glass
  • Beaker
  • 2 Syringe
  • e-juice
  • Boiling Pot
  • Small bottle (The size of a vial)
  • Concentrate


  1. Fill the syringe with the e-juice. Squeeze the sucked e-juice into the glass beaker
  2. Place the glass beaker in a boiling pot and add water in the boiling pot without submerging the glass beaker and its contents. Place the boiling pot the source of heat.
  3. Add the wax in the beaker and stir to mix it with the e-juice to ensure no solid material remains in the beaker.
  4. Take the second syringe and suck the solution before squeezing it into the small bottle.
  5. Grab your vape pen and add the mixed wax solution. Complete the assembly by connecting the vape pen to the battery.
  6. Start vaping.