Iolite Portable vaporizer review

Iolite Portable Vaporizer Summary

The Iolite Portable Vaporizer is a compact direct inhalation device manufactured by Oglesby & Butler. Having debuted in 2008, the Iolite herbal vaporizer uses a revolutionary patented flameless gas catalytic conversion heating method and features a thermostatic temperature gage. The Iolitevaporizer fits nicely in the palm of your hand without any of the traditional restrictions like a battery pack or power cord.

Weighing only 81 grams, the iolite Vaporizer weighs less than your typical mobile device and is approximately the same size. Addressing crucial user demands like size, sustained vapor delivery and compact, discreet portability, the Iolite has made a palpable impact on the portable vaporizer market.

Iolite Vaporizer Usability

Iolite herbal vaporizer is simple to use and each unit comes with easy-to-follow instructions included. The user can follow the detailed pictures without confusion. The Iolite is the perfect portable vaporizer for vaporists of any age. Once turned on, the orange temperature control display will stay lit until the desired vaporization temperature is reached.

To turn the Iolite off, simply turn the power switch to Zero and the unit will power down in under five minutes. A cycle of stored gas is normal while the device is cooling down. The Iolite also comes complete with an expedient movement case which houses the device and its replacement parts as well as an optional care package.


The iolite portable vaporizer is a very impressive device thanks to its freedom from the traditional restrictions of power cables and battery packs. The compact design and travel case add to the overall efficacy of this unit. I would highly recommend the Iolite to any vaporist looking for an efficient herbal vaporizer at a competitive price.