Magic Flight Launch Box vaporizer review

As one of the most popular portable vaporizers on the market, the MFLB takes a “low-tech” approach to vaporization when compared to most other units. Known for it’s durability, efficiency and beauty – the Magic Flight Launch Box has been known to out-perform vaporizers twice it’s price. Let’s take a look at what makes the Launch Box so special.


The Magic Flight Launch Box is a well crafted wooden vaporizer unit and can easily be considered one of the most discreet portable vapes available. Sized at only 2.5 by 1.25 by 0.9 inches, this portable device can comfortably fit in the palm of a hand and quickly concealed from sight at a moment’s notice. It also features an acrylic cover that conceals the herb during vaporization, great for outdoors and in windy situations. The Magic Flight is available in Maple, Cherry and Walnut wood; plus there is a growing selection of laser etched designs offered for the acrylic cover. Each accessory is also made of the three wood varieties, so you can mix and match or stick to a common theme. A true piece of art that has been developed by passionate craftsmen and it is apparent upon opening the metal tin it arrives in.


The Launch Box is operated by inserting one rechargeable Nickel-metal hydride battery into the side of the unit. A single battery provides roughly enough power to vaporize one trench fill, allowing for 4 to 12 draws depending on personal preference. The herb is gently heated through two copper plated steel rods that run underneath the screen in the trench. With a quick heat up of 5 to 10 seconds, the Magic Flight has you vaping in no time… ideal for those sudden draws out on the go. Though the short battery life can lead one to carry a lot of spares with them and unless you will be able access an outlet, it might be a while before you are vaping again. This can be a deterrent if you enjoy long camping trips out in the middle of nowhere or simply dislike keeping track over what battery still has a charge.


There are a few easy to master techniques that really allow the Magic Flight to function at peak performance. Grind your herb very fine and if it’s exceptionally moist, leave it out in the air for roughly 24 hours to dry it slightly for more even vaporization. Fill the trench with herb and insert a battery into the side of the unit; it will only engage while being pushed in. Allow it to heat for 5 seconds or until you see a little vapor forming under the acrylic cover. Instead of one long continuous draw, take little sips of vapor every 2 to 3 seconds for 10 to 15 seconds. Release the battery and slightly tap the unit to stir it & prevent accidental combustion of the herb. Repeat the steps until your herb has been fully vaporized.


Magic Flight is a company that listens to their customers. Through frequent testing/review the Launch Box has undergone many improvements from the original and is always under further development. More recently they have been designing a wide variety of accessories to accompany the MFLB… Such as the water pipe adapters that grant anyone the ability to cool their vapor. A finishing grinder which fixes directly a top of the unit to provide a very grind that falls directly into the trench. For those who are interested in waxes & oils, there is a concentrate tray that fits right over the screen. They have even created a power adapter that one can use to turn their Magic Flight into a plug-in vaporizer, never need to worry about being without.


With the quick heat up time and size alone, this vaporizer is the definition of discretion. All of the available accessories do add a lot of value and potential for more possibilities. The short battery life and initial difficulty that may be faced for the first few uses can be annoying, but are virtually outweighed by the Lifetime Warranty. Nearly anything that can happen to the Launch Box is covered and they will often replace the whole unit with a brand new one. High quality accompanied by great customer service, the Magic Flight is the perfect option for any vape enthusiast.

We found the MFLB on this retailer’s site at the lowest price, but if you purchase it from our preferred retailer, they will throw in a Magic Flight accessory of your choice at no additional cost.