Palm 2.0 vaporizer review

I’ll say this much: the Palm 2.0 Vaporizer is a decent product; it’s not a great vape but it’s not shitty either. It’s a really good starter vaporizer made with high quality components by industry leader VaporBLUNT. I’d recommend it as a gift for someone who loves herb but has never vaporized. It’s pretty cheap, reliable and delivers decent hits. It’s not ideal for seasoned vaporists who want to vape several times a day, but it’s dependable and incredibly easy to clean.


Here’s what’s cool about the Palm 2.0: It’s really light and compact. It fits easily into a purse or pocket and can be disguised cleverly in the user’s palm, as the name suggests. All you need to do to load it is grind up a couple nugs, pop open the Palm chamber, sprinkle them into the trench and close the Palm lid. Then take a freshly charged battery and press it down with your thumb. It’s pretty simple, a lot like the Magic Flight Launch Box, but this device is a more modern look whereas the Magic Flight is wooden, like an old dugout pipe.


The best thing about the Palm 2.0 is that you can pretty much take it anywhere. It’s super small and fits into the palm of your hand easily, making it ideal for vaporizing on-the-go. It’s actually more durable and well built than it looks, which surprised me. I really expected it to feel flimsy and cheap, but it actually doesn’t. It’s for sure portable, but its shape makes it a little tough to put in your pocket. It’s a little awkward, so you’re best best is to carry it in a backpack or something of that nature.


I have to say despite being easier to operate and having a smaller herb chamber, the MFLB definitely rips better than the Palm 2.0. That was my main complaint with this device. I felt that no matter what strength of inhalation I employed, there just weren’t huge clouds of vapor. I mean they were definitely clouds, but they weren’t substantial billows. As I said before this is a great vaporizer if you’ve never vaped before, but if you’re needing this for constant travel, the need to recharge batteries gets a little tiresome and the strength of draw is not satisfying for the discerning vapor enthusiast.

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