Trifecta vaporizer review

Developed by White Rhino, who makes the super popular Dube vaporizer, the Trifecta is their newest addition. What makes the Trifecta stand out against the rest of the pen-style crowd is its multi-compatibility function allowing you to use blends, oils, as well as waxes. The design of the Trifecta is something that people will enjoy if they like something discreet and simple. All it uses is a one-touch activation button to get the thing started. While some other vapes boast this feature as well, the Trifecta has become the most successful in this endeavor. The loading cartridge in this unit is one of the most robust I have used considering it’s a pen-style. Whether you use mostly blends, or like to switch it up to some wax, it is very efficient either way.

Pen-styles are infamous for having various problems including very weak chambers. White Rhino took note of this and tried their best to make a vape that handled a variety of substances while still keeping it functioning at a high level. Taking rips with this thing is great. I achieved a good amount of vapor considering how small it is. The compact design is one of its attractive features, especially for folks who want a complete vape that is capable of being transported. Due to all of its abilities this has become my go to vaporizer for all of my needs. Whether at home or out in public, there is always an opportunity for me to use my Trifecta and I do. Overall I have found that using waxes and oils works better as they load easier into the chamber and you will get more hits; blends work fine as long as you don’t over pack it.

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