Vapir NO2 portable vaporizer review

Vapir has been a major player in the portable handheld vaporizer game for a long time, and the brand new NO2 is a testament to their expertise. They have built on the technology they used in the Oxygen Mini and seriously upped the ante with the NO2. The NO2 uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery pack, making it ideal for users looking to vape on the go. You can take it virtually anywhere!

Now featuring a larger filling chamber, the NO2 is also ideal for group settings. Are you always in a hurry? No problem! The NO2 is ready to vape at the proper temperature in less than one minute. The digital thermostat offers the choice of either Fahrenheit or Celsius display and ensures full temperature accuracy within two to five degrees. The Vapir NO2 also comes equipped with a temperature memory card that will store your favorite temperature, making it the most personalized handheld vaporizer on the market.

Unlike many re-chargeable vaporizers out there, you can actually use the NO2 while it is charging! That is definitely a feature you don’t see everywhere. Another distinguishing attribute is the automatic shut down mechanism which causes the vaporizer to power off if it is left idle for 20 minutes.

The device’s stainless steel encased pure brass heating element creates flameless heat, which protects the herbs from the unintentional burning or scalding that other devices sometimes cause. This feature also enables flawless outdoor use, as the NO2 produces vapor even in cold or windy weather.

As opposed to other vaporizers which can be incredibly loud, the NO2 produces no sound whatsoever; this is a huge plus for enjoying social gatherings such as movies or sporting events. The NO2 won 3rd Place in the Product category at 2010’s Cannabis Cup awards and that is no surprise to us. Vapir consistently produces the highest quality portable vaporizers and we highly recommend you check out the NO2 Portable Vaporizer; you won’t be disappointed.

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