Vapor Brothers Vaporizer

As most of my colleagues know, my first experience with a popular vaporizer was at Burning Man on the top of an RV ripping a Magic Flight Launch Box. I took my careful slow inhalations and once I had exhaled my vapor a green neon Death Star rolled by! That’s right, the Death Star–by far the most creative and intimidating art car on the playa. I was nice and buzzed at that point but I noticed that the compact MFLB didn’t provide the mind-shattering high that I got out of my trusty bong. I told my friend who owned the RV, “this little guy is great. I definitely preferred the taste Vapor Brothers Vaporizer vapor to but what if I want to take rip after rip after world-rocking rip from a vaporizer?”

“Wait til we get back to default world,” my guru assured me. “I’ll show you something to rock your universe.

vapor bros review

Turns out we didn’t even need to wait til we got home from the legendary gathering. We visited another friend’s camp that evening and what was sitting in their RV? Lo and behold it was a wooden box-style vape with a ceramic heating element protruding from the center. My guru nodded and said only, “Behold the VaporBrothers Vaporizer.” I watched as the operator turned on the device using the knob on front and loaded some freshly ground herb into one end of the whip, called the wand. Once the unit beeped, he placed the wand over the ceramic element and the silicon tube, or “whip,” began to fill up with vapor.

He told me to inhale gently and slowly, which I did. The vapor tasted way better than any smoked herb I had ever tried. In fact it tasted more like the actual herb itself and not some smokey abomination. I exhaled a massive cloud of vapor and coughed a couple of times. Now this was more like it!

I have since purchased a VaporBrothers for home use and I couldn’t be more pleased. I have never had a problem getting massive knock-me-out hits and I find that it really preserves my herbal material better than any other vape. I get so many uses out of one load. And what’s more, the VaporBrothers is really group-friendly! The Hands-free whip system makes it easy to vape with friends so no one has to hold the wand while the unit is hot.

The Vapor Brothers desktop vaporizer is available for purchase from our preferred retailer.