What Are Nicotine Salts And Why Would I Use Them In My E-Juice?

The name is slightly misleading, but don’t worry, there is no nicotine salt in these e-juice. Most people who vape, use it to quit smoking, and to get their nicotine in through a healthier alternative. Have you ever woken up in the morning and craved a cigarette even though you have your vape? This is the nicotine cravings kicking in, and the withdrawal in effect. Finding the right nicotine level for you can be a struggle, and sometimes the juice is just not enough, or it’s way too much. Nicotine salts gives you an alternative to choose how you prefer to get your nicotine intake while vaping.

What Exactly Are Nicotine Salts and How Do They Work?  

To understand the difference between regular – liquid and nicotine salts, you first need to understand what the nicotine in regular e-liquid is. The nicotine that is in regular e-liquid is called freebase nicotine, and is produced by removing the protons, using a base, which also separates the salts from the nicotine to create the “freebase nicotine”. Once the protons and other components have been removed to create freebase nicotine, the nicotine can be used in products like e-liquid for e-cigarettes.

Nicotine salts, on the other hand, is the use of the natural salts that form in the leaf of tobacco plants. The nicotine salt is considered to be a more stable alternative to freebase nicotine, but it also can give the user more nicotine in a smaller quantity of e-juice. One benefit that is provided from nicotine salts, is that the user will have a quicker absorption rate of the nicotine into their bloodstream than typical e-liquids, from their ecigarette.  

In regular e-juice, from an e-cigarette, the nicotine absorption rate is relatively stable and consistent, but with nicotine salts, the nicotine absorption is substantially higher at the beginning of inhalation, similar to a regular cigarette. This is a good quality for those vapers who find that they don’t get the same satisfaction from regular e-liquid in an e-cigarette that they get from a combustible cigarette. This is why nicotine salts can be a good alternative, because they have a similar absorption rate for nicotine into the bloodstream, as seen with a cigarette.

Another way that nicotine salts are closer to a cigarette, is that the throat hit is intensified with nicotine salts , which some vapers find doesn’t happen for them unless they use must higher temperatures.

Why Use Nicotine Salts in E-Liquid

There are a couple benefits to using nicotine salts, which will be suitable for particular vapers. The following include some of the benefits of using nicotine salts.

  • You can use lower temperature devices, which will save power, and make the battery last longer throughout the day. You will also save money in purchasing the device, and you won’t need to buy juice as often since the nicotine level is so high and it will last you longer.
  • The eliquid lasts longer because the formula for the nicotine salts is more stable than that of freebase nicotine, the nicotine content will last longer on the shelf.
  • You can get more nicotine for less, Instead of vaping 15ml of 3 mg eliquid and only absorbing 45mg of nicotine, you can vape 1ml of nicotine salts at 40mg and get almost the same level of nicotine for 1/15 of the eliquid.
  • It’s more like a cigarette, so if you are trying to quit, the quicker absorption rate and the stronger throat hit will provide more of a cigarette-like-experience.

How Do I Use Nicotine Salts?

So if you are interested in the idea of nicotine salts, and think that they might be something that would benefit you in your attempt to switch to vaping, you will need to consider a few things. First of all, nicotine salts are not suited for sub ohm devices that operate at higher temperatures. To get a good experience out of nicotine salts in e-juice, you should use a smaller portable vaporizers that operates at a much lower temperature, like the Joytech AIO, Ego Twist, 510-T, or Eleaf Icare.

Nicotine salts have substantially higher nicotine content than the regular e-liquid. The highest level of e-liquid you can get is 36mg/ml, but this is quite scarce and much harder to find in vape shops. The most popular nicotine levels of e-liquids are 3mg/ml, 6mg/ml, 12mg/ml and in lower temperature devices 18 mg/ml. The nicotine salts contain much higher levels of nicotine, starting at 40mg/ml. With such a high level of nicotine, you won’t have to use nearly as much in your ecigarette either, and a nicotine buzz will be delivered on a much quicker and minimalistic basis.

Are it’s Safe to Vape?

In short, yes. The nicotine salts  in e-juice contain the same basic ingredients found in regular e-liquid, only the nicotine is in a slightly different form. You are still absorbing nicotine, but the risks are not increased with nicotine salts. This form of nicotine is actually slightly more stable than freebase nicotine, but to add the nicotine salts to the ejuice, benzoic acid must be added to the formula.

Although benzoic acid is not toxic to humans or animals in the studies done up to this point, there is no guarantee of the long term effects of inhaling benzoic acid. That being said, with the higher levels of nicotine per ml, the amount of e-liquid you use in your ecigarette and inhale will be significantly reduced.

Where To Get

Well, nicotine salts have just started breaking into the vaping market, but some stores have gotten ahead of the demand. Since companies have taken so long to perfect the formula for the nicotine salts, they have just begun to become available in stores, on a public basis. Try looking online or visit your local vape shop to find out where you can purchase nicotine salts today!